20 Areas Of Your Home You Don’t Clean But Should

Keeping a home spotless is an ongoing struggle, and despite dedicated efforts in scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming, certain spaces frequently elude our cleaning endeavors. Take, for instance, the maintenance of an air to water heat pump system, often overlooked in our routine cleaning. These unnoticed areas can become havens for dirt, germs, and allergens, posing a threat to the overall cleanliness of your living space. Let's explore 20 commonly neglected areas and understand why it is crucial to incorporate them into your regular cleaning routine.


Baseboards and Crown Molding: The Perimeter of Neglect

While often escaping direct notice, baseboards and crown molding wield significant influence over your home's aesthetic appeal. These low-profile features, however, are prone to gathering dust and dirt, which can compromise the cleanliness of your living areas. Maintain a fresh and polished appearance by consistently wiping these surfaces with a damp cloth. This simple practice ensures that the often-overlooked details contribute positively to your home's overall visual charm.


Under Furniture: A Dusty Dilemma

Neglecting the hidden territories beneath your furniture is a widespread mistake. Dust bunnies and debris have a tendency to gather in these discreet spaces, jeopardizing the quality of indoor air. Establish a routine of periodically repositioning your furniture and diligently vacuuming or sweeping the concealed areas underneath. Embracing this proactive approach guarantees a living environment that is not only tidier but also promotes better indoor air quality by attending to the frequently overlooked spaces beneath your furnishings.


air to water heat pump manufacturers

air to water heat pump manufacturers

Air Ducts: Breathing Easy Indoors

As the conductors of airflow in your home, air ducts bear the inevitable burden of accumulating dust and allergens as time marches on. Entertain the idea of seeking professional assistance to purify these ducts, ensuring the air you draw into your lungs remains pure and uncontaminated. Beyond fostering a healthier indoor atmosphere, this undertaking acts as a guardian, preserving the pristine quality of the air coursing through your cherished living spaces.


Ceiling Fans: The Dusty Blades Above

Ceiling fans, though frequently disregarded, house blades that can amass a considerable amount of dust. Employ a long-handled duster or a microfiber cloth for regular cleaning of these blades. This straightforward task not only enhances indoor air quality but also serves as a preventive measure, inhibiting the dissemination of dust when the fan is in operation.


Window Treatments: Letting the Light In, and the Dust Settle

Window dressings like curtains, blinds, and other treatments have a tendency to trap dust and allergens. The appropriate cleaning method varies depending on the material. To uphold a fresh appearance and foster a healthier living environment, make it a practice to routinely vacuum or launder your window treatments.


Light Fixtures: Shining a Light on Overlooked Surfaces

Illuminate your space with clarity by tending to the often-overlooked light fixtures, both overhead and in lamps. Over time, they can collect dust and even the remnants of departed insects. Enhance the quality of light and cultivate a cleaner ambiance in your home by turning off the lights and meticulously cleaning the fixtures with a soft cloth or duster. This small effort ensures not only a brighter atmosphere but also contributes to an overall cleaner aesthetic in your living space.


Kitchen Cabinets: Beyond the Surface

While you may regularly clean your kitchen countertops, the cabinets often go unnoticed. Grease, spills, and food particles can accumulate on cabinet surfaces. Wipe them down with a gentle cleaning solution to keep your kitchen looking and feeling fresh.


Bed Pillows: Sleeping on a Clean Foundation

While pillowcases may find their way into your routine laundry, spare a thought for the pillows they enrobe. Over the course of time, pillows become potential hosts for dust mites and allergens. Examine the care instructions diligently and, as needed, launder or replace your pillows. This conscientious step not only ensures a fresh sleeping surface but actively contributes to cultivating a healthier sleep environment.


Electronic Devices: A Haven for Germs

In the perpetual connection with our phones, remote controls, and various electronic devices, the task of cleaning them is frequently neglected. Employ disinfectant wipes or a microfiber cloth paired with a mild cleaning solution to sanitize these high-contact surfaces effectively.


Base of Shoe Rack: Tracking in More Than Dirt

The bottom of your shoe rack is susceptible to gathering dirt, mud, and germs carried in from the soles of your shoes. Routinely cleanse and disinfect this area to ward off the risk of tracking contaminants into your home.


Under the Bed: Unearthing Hidden Dust Bunnies

The area beneath your bed tends to attract dust bunnies and overlooked items. Dedicate some time to routinely vacuum and tidy up this space, ensuring a consistently clean and healthy sleeping environment.


Hamper Hygiene: Cleaning the Dirty Laundry

Within the confines of your laundry hamper, bacteria and unpleasant odors can proliferate. Establish a routine of wiping it down consistently and contemplate employing a liner that is easily washable to thwart the accumulation of germs.


Behind the Refrigerator: Cooling Down a Hot Spot

The space behind the refrigerator is frequently overlooked, yet it has the tendency to amass dust and debris, impacting the appliance's efficiency. Periodically pull the fridge away from the wall and use a vacuum to clean the coils, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.


Pet-Prone Areas: Furry Friends and Filth

For pet owners, specific areas of your home may need additional care. Address the cleanliness of pet beds, toys, and designated areas to reduce odors and allergens linked to your beloved furry companions.


Shower Heads: Refreshing Your Morning Routine

As time passes, mineral deposits have the potential to obstruct your showerhead, diminishing water flow. Immerse the showerhead in a solution of vinegar to eliminate buildup and guarantee a revitalizing shower experience.


Garbage Disposal: Tackling a Smelly Problem

Unpleasant odors and bacteria may find refuge in your garbage disposal. Revitalize it by grinding ice cubes and citrus peels, then rinse with cold water. This straightforward routine is effective in maintaining a kitchen that consistently exudes a fresh and pleasant aroma.


Refrigerator Shelves and Drawers: Beyond the Food

While regular cleaning of the inside of your refrigerator is a good practice, remember to pay attention to the shelves and drawers. Take them out and wash them with a gentle detergent to eliminate spills and lingering odors.


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swimming pool heat pump

Toothbrush Holder: A Breeding Ground for Germs

The toothbrush holder is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Maintain its cleanliness by periodically disassembling its parts and washing them in hot, soapy water or by placing them in the dishwasher.


Trash Bins: Containing the Mess

The interior of your trash bins has the potential to foster bacteria and emit unpleasant odors. Maintain their cleanliness by regularly rinsing them with a blend of water and vinegar to ensure they stay fresh and free from unwanted smells.


Air Source Heat Pump: Breathing New Life into Efficiency

In the realm of often-overlooked home maintenance, the air source heat pump stands out as a silent workhorse. While it might not reside in plain sight, neglecting this crucial component of your HVAC system can lead to efficiency issues. The exterior unit of an inverboost heat pump can collect debris, hindering its performance. Regular checks and cleaning sessions are essential. Clear away leaves and dirt, ensuring proper airflow for optimal function. Don't forget to replace or clean the air filters, contributing not only to the system's efficiency but also to a healthier indoor air quality. Consider reaching out to reputable heat pump manufacturers for guidance on maintenance and potential upgrades. In the pursuit of a meticulously clean home, the air source heat pump deserves a spot on your checklist.


To sum up, maintaining a pristine home goes beyond attending to the readily visible surfaces. Tackling these commonly overlooked areas is key to establishing a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your family. Integrate these tasks into your regular cleaning schedule, and you'll reap the rewards of a genuinely immaculate home.


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